Cowardice in Post-Modern Dystopia

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Courage, the pluck of audacity to be different, in the face bullied collective conformity, falls to a minority of self-evolving liberated individuals. For most, cowardice comes in diverse forms. For many, that will surface in a socio-economic and political context. With politicians for instance, very few will take exceptional risks for the sake of a moral or ethical higher realm. Most will avoid endangering their career long "public trough" feeding. Fear of serious controversy overrides any sense of mature responsibility and virtuous accountability. Leadership today suffers scarcity.
Instead, across the mainstream "anti-thinking" in the stupidity of each public moment ushers in the ignorance of hasty generations. Herded thinking and oppressive conformity, not to forget sectarian abusiveness, are willfully applied for selfish motivations. In the immaturity of a short space of time, the idiocy of communal "crucifixions" that harm others will happen quickly without regard to the sufficiency of facts in evidence.
Woefully deficient from boardroom to classroom, hallowed doctrine to extremist ideology, personal valor finds few recipients who prevail against oppressions. By contrast, and deadly confrontation, the expanse and reach of social stupidity is stifling. Doing what is right to learn, to protect and to ascend, when it is right to do so, is met by the enemies of reason, logic and rationality. True, accurate and precise correctness summons the bugle charge of knowing which is which at what time and place.
Neither from personal enrichment nor from hidden private agenda, but from respectable validity in the facts of reality, brave few warriors fight onward. For the true warrior, one who perseveres in a variety of realms, he or she has no interest in selfish motivation. Nor does he or she need the vanity of self-promotion to be paraded in public. Spectacle concealed in hypocrisy. To the warrior being humble is more valuable than being noticed. A wise, mature and confident presence is vital.
No infantile narcissism precludes the essentiality of intellectual enrichment and self-evolution toward higher differentiation. Both learned scribe, skilled artisan and trained archer, the knight knows the wisdom of the sword. Yet, the novice, the untested, the wannabe, may never know the true essence of bravery. Nonetheless, fearfulness will be put in its place and dealt with on the terms necessary for the moment at hand.
Whereas once, a philosopher and novelist penned a story about a "new brave world", as a reflection upon that, herein is suggested a "cowardly old world". As may be the subject of a "hell on earth", at the hands of an unevolving human species, future prospects appear more dismal from one generation to the next. Warnings about human self-destruction are not new, as particular classic writings attest. Concerning the dismal dystopic prospects of the human species facing extinction, a divisive devolving culture, some ask what can be done to make significant social changes.
For instance, while most worry, but a few get to work, in a recent contemporary college class a student posed that question to a faculty panel. A somewhat futuristic query in an effort to foster a simplistic easy to follow remedy, the answer is much more complicated. The simple answer from one perspective is that nothing can be done on a grand scale, which has not already been thought of or attempted. The world is as dividedly diverse as it has been for centuries. Each century seems to get worse.
Along with that comes the regression of subsequent generations less capable of coping with critical survival issues than the previous generation. What might happen years ahead is speculative, but some serious scientists are not positive about the outcomes. Biologist, chemists, medical pathologists, geologists and physicists from around the word, real scientists, are voicing concerns. What can be done to change the present state affairs? Not much, it is already too late and too little effort to transform the human species.
A number of futurist offer gloomy prospects unless extraordinary social changes are made now. Not tomorrow, next year, or in the near future, but right at this moment things have to change. The perception reflects an educated presumption on the part of economists, historians, physicist, and biologists, regarding mainstream deteriorating social, educational and political institutional systems. Viewpoints of such learned individuals are concerned about such warning signs as urban unrest and violence in some major cities, along with nuclear proliferation and viral pandemic.
Such is only the starting point of a litany of human problems. And, doesn't necessarily mean a rush into the charge of battle without thinking. The thoughtful reverence of critical, calculated and competent ideation remains essential to the mission. Moral and physical valor follows a linkage to the spiritual nature of the individual. It is a keen and correct sense of the self. Which, most of the time, is tainted by foolish self-focus.
By striking contrast, the warrior ideal is a zealous commitment to extraordinary self-evolution. Mirrored in some way by the precepts of knighthood, differentiated thinking encompasses the energy or spirituality of flesh and blood persistence in devotion to an exemplary life of self-examination. It is the way of the warrior to practice renewal of the spiritual direction for wiser enlightened ascendency. As expectations come and go, rise and fall, win and lose, the brave make their way by willful commitment. By the suggestion of "Gonzo theory", an evolving aspect is that of the "warrior ideal", to find a niche by which the warrior asserts a proclamation of independence. And further, to rise above oneself to higher states of personal transformation is the mission.
In the self-evolving context of individuality, against the over-whelming odds of herded collectivism and politically correct bullying, the brave ones claim a divine right of personal integrity and ethical devotion to higher realms of ascendency. From every academic lecture, to social commentary podcast, what is the moral imperative? Better yet, for every yarn or tale in television drama or movie story adventure, what is the lesson to be learned. In all likelihood in today's cultural climate, there is not one. Nonetheless, the message to be conveyed is often not stated, missed by the audience or misinterpreted by the "infotainment" machinery of mass production and consumption.
Most do not want to change and will not invest the time, energy or willful devotion to self-evolve to a more enlightened plane of differentiation. Many resist and relish is primal states of collective conformity. For the societal cowardice of a culture, in terms of public policy and social problem solving, heroism appears across a spectrum of human behavior that likely represents a small percent of the population. A few will do consistently heroic things; many will do very little if anything. Most will cringe and even the most outspoken alleged "social warriors" will shrink into a "psycho fetal position".
Protestations to assume the position of "damsel in distress", whether male or female, remains quite commonplace. Such depictions are frequent stereotypes in movies and television. Whether directly or indirectly, many run quickly to be rescued by someone else, rather stand their ground and fight for themselves. For the modern day hero, or actually superhero, there are no excuses and no exceptions; courage finds ascendancy regardless of cost or criticism. No whining and no complaining for the brave few. Everyone has it tough and face life's difficulties every day.
Many will whine and flee, crumble and fold at the first sign obstacles, disappointments, trials and tribulations. All have to make it on their own. Dependable faith never ceases to be challenged in the realistic realm of social replication. Failure comes with it. Regeneration of a newer faithfulness transcends that which could not hold up to be true in all cases. Self-assured reliance upon one's own thinking is critical to process of profound transformation. The bondage of living burdens the progress of the travel. Yet, everyone must go on their journey and get it done.
For the valiant minority, there is a prospect of abiding in what might be termed the warrior's faithfulness. Such bravery endures the suffering. In like manner, heroism accepts the raging acts of stupidity that happen every day. It is his or her challenge to rise above and overcome the foolishness and cope with the strife. To the extent, of course, the belief system holds fast. If not, then it is time for a change. Maybe another religion or philosophical perspective might suffice for a moment. Yet, one could pause and consider the entire thinking and believing processes. And, in the exercise the probability to explore the depths, heights or levels of such expansiveness is part of the warrior's quest.
And if beliefs are threatened, then how valid are they? Are they so weak and fragile that any opposition endangers their demise? Perhaps one that works all the time would be worth exploring. Probably a new calling or thrilling adventure into the realms of skeptical analysis and scientific validation. Where is the edge of such introspection and will one fall off into oblivion? Self-liberation is the calling not the failing, and wiser ascension to an enlightened open-minded frame of reference instills a special kind of freethinking courage. A healthy sense of evidence or data driven validation accompanies a mature liberated mindset. Emotion is tempered by logical analysis.
Rather than a selfish egoistic and intolerant anarchistic or nihilistic frame of ignorance, a self-evolving person pursues an adventure of rational discovery.
A different perspective on our mission. So, get a new one, toss out the worthless one. Take the journey on your own. Valor, fortitude and fearlessness tolerate the consistent shortcomings of our indecision. Especially, when we should know better. Lacking the facts, we still have to make choices. For worse, it is when we know what we should do, and we do not. Cowardice enjoys that moment of weakness. Secretive and shadowy, the mythic smoky mist of hesitance in the face of battle foments the defeat psychic valor. If you want to succeed, then you do not retreat from the battlements of opposition.
Why be stupid? That is, why shrink back if you do not know what to do? Ask, seek and reveal the hidden mysteries. Open the doors to the forbidden places. Come inside and know the faces, places and chases. Atonement in the reconciliation of the spirit is a personal journey. You need to know the dark side of your nature. Face it squarely in the postures if its disguise. Know whose there. Inside the expansive ocean of thought. Speak to the voices and tell them what you want. Demand they listen and do what you command. You are not their servant. They are yours. Assemble the minions of mindful notions into the ideated formation of fighting legions. Cast out the dissenters of stifling indecisions. Organize your army of resistance and storm the gates of hellish opposition. Experience the feel of actual engagement. It is the gnosis of learned ways, inculcated upon the fleshy tablets of memory. Bondage contains the suffering to the bloodlust of passionate journeys. Our crucifixion upon the crossroads of life.
We are the martyrs of our own travels, evidencing the wisdom and understanding we gain along the way. Showing what we know from what we have gained. Without the pain, how do we become sane? For the warrior, he or she is the way, the life and eternity in all things, with all things and of all things. Soldiers of light fighting the good fight, walking the hallowed ground of personal competence. Resisting the falsehoods of the conning gurus of misconception. Casting out the demons of personal malevolence. Matters of human bondage chain the mental evolution of a transforming spirit. Yet, born in bondage, we learn to break free. Struggle in the psycho-physical-sexual burdens of who we are. Although, many do not know the necessity of their independence. The truth of its supreme value, and ark of intellectual covenant. Their inhibitions are allowed to speak lies of diversion, fairy tales of dogmatic oppressions.
Most do not want to break free. If they do, they would have to think in more profound ways. Be responsible and accept the demise of their excuses. By the act of the ancient pre-exilic and mythic disobedience, humankind asserted the will of its inherent spiritual freedom. To taste the fruit of the tree of good and evil opened the eyes of the future freedom fighters. We are destined to be explorers, conquerors and adventurers. Born in death is not so bad. What other choices were there? To live forever without knowing the nature of cosmic divinity? Afterwards, of course, it now means you are living to die. Therefore, you can find out what is on the other side. No one knows. Only speculation continues to grow. And, if you live to meet death, moving onto another transition. Isn't that still living again in another realm? As such, in the metaphor of that garden Edenic delight, wasn't there really only one choice to make after all? To boldly go where you must. Without the distractions of fear and dread of walking among the living dead.
Some are dead to their living, while others are living for the dead. But, who is living to be living? Life is an adventure to be fully lived at every juncture of the senses. It shouldn't be hooded in the monk's garb of spiritual flagellation. Nor, should it be shrouded in the perversities of mental-physical deprivations. Therefore, we bear what we think we cannot bear. And, bind ourselves in the experience of our own corruptibility. Later, to unleash the liberation of the selflessness hiding inside. Forcing the thoughts to focus. Looking beyond the immediate fixation of the selfishness. Clearing the mind of unnecessary clutter. Overcoming the obsessions that cheat the thought processes. To become fully human, we have to take risks within ourselves. Differentiation necessitates detachment from the adverse persuasions of the masses. One must enter the caves of darkness and become captured by the blackness of the night.
Fearful and holding back, afraid to travel the mazes of dejection and desire, forsakes the insight of discovery of feelings and meanings in suffering and success. We will miss the poignancy of skilled understanding. If we smell the flowered fragrances of the landscape of our yearnings, then we are tempted to inch closer. Wanting to touch the gentle petals of pollinating wishes. Fantasy fertilizes the fruition of seeded inclinations. Cravings plea for release. And, to delve into that darkness is to find wonderful mysteries. Daring the possibility to know the scope and extent of cerebral intensities harkens an individual awakening. As long as skeptical inquiry is authentic, creativity looms greater.
An ancient admonition prescribes for the warrior to be authentic, forthright and credible. To rise to the occasion wherein rational factuality drives discourse and action, is an act of bravery in lieu regressive inactivity by stupidity and emotionalism. Yet, emotional reactivity in the ignorance of foolish conjecture is social rampant. As advised by more sage mentors of the past, to question is to inquire, and with that comes the intuitive necessity to learn and discover alternatives possibilities.
Every moment in the present, regardless of past claims to deterministic prologues, ought to embrace the imagination to endless reaches of thought. Day or night, light or darkness, the potentiality of thinking must be tested relentlessly without regard for any fearful confrontation. Pervading the senses, the quest is to test and assess every conjuring speculation to the extent of all opportunities. Never ending action is required.
In a dystopic atmosphere, or anti-utopian culture, fearful hesitance calls for the lingering torment of cowardice in the post-modern context. That is, as some have claimed, the "sissy culture" of modern times. The lure of staying boyish or girlish, posting incessant narcissistic reflections of selfishness, and fomenting the ravages of negativity. Such is the metaphorical allusion to that which contrives to stifle multidimensional potential for growing wise, mature and enlightened.
Frightened, the timidity of valiant commitment to heroic acts of maturity fosters the regression of that which is less than trustworthy manhood or womanhood. It promotes ill-informed and unsubstantiated fallacies that masquerade as truth, but in reality, are dangerous falsehoods and destructive prejudices. Too terrifying for most people, the courage to stand alone, risk ridicule or be different for the sake of liberated transformation is audaciously accepted by a few. To go against dogma and ritual, challenge the supernatural forces out of their hiding places, takes serious resolution.
For many, it is easier to choose the worn, crumbling and beaten path of the status quo. To some, being "different" means taking on the trappings of what appears to be different but is nothing more than a mocking superficiality. The entertainment world of rife with such shallow examples. At the next swipe of the credit card for a sugary latte, conformity finds reassurance in gluttonous materiality. By sheepish groupings, and guru speciousness, willful and wuse acquiescence to the fleecing of the flock quickens the run toward extinction. Heroism is forgotten while cowardice is promoted.
What has been described in social media as "America's sissy culture" is a growing perception of a society that is weaker with each subsequent generation. For some researchers, this criticism pertains to intellectual capacity, as I.Q. scores continue to drop. That is one example, as there are many. Others point to a fatter, lazier and more obese culture, with over two thirds of the population out of shape and overweight. In terms of increasing human frailty, with notable exceptions among a small percentage of the population, some blame technology. The usual escapist excuses suggest that things like inanimate objects, such as cell phones, video games and social networking, cause a person to become fatter, weaker and pathetically fragile.
Such generalizations and specious conjecture, driven by biased and simplistic "social studies", are overly simplistic opinions that typically reflect a particular school of thought. There is a diversity of opinion about deterministic external causes versus individual choice and self-motivation. Not to forget of course there are always exceptions. A few work very hard to rise above the status quo, seek their own transformation, and persevere to self-evolve. That probably represents about 20% of the population. Now, as to the rest, the prospect of a dystopic future is very real. Consumers outnumber producer by a large and extensive scale of gluttonous consumption.
As to the valiant few, those who are intellectually and physically stronger, self-reliance, independence, healthy skepticism, free of ideological dogma, and creatively competent, every day is a commitment to an enlightened differentiation. Patience of will and determination of intuitive energies become personal objectives for wiser choices. To see things in the surrounding environment is not necessarily to observe, but to acknowledge all things come to an end. Neither is hearing a precursor to listening. Paying attention does not constitute perception. Thinking in profoundly serious ways and means requires strength of mental resources and avoidance of herded symbiosis.
Skeptical of ideological dogma and supernatural doctrines, the warrior mindset pursues the liberation of individuality. While many choose to be dim-witted, unwise and foolish, and pursue the feeble fixations of infantile narcissism, a much smaller nexus of brave ones avoid ruthlessly the arrogance of such stupidity. More frightening is the larger mass of weaker thinking, less physically skilled and overly sensitive personalities that harken the onset of a devolving society, eventually facing extinction.
As one social commentator has said, it is no longer a social mainstream of warriors, but instead this has become the fatalistic environment of worriers. For the conjurations of animosity easily concocted around the word "warrior", usually by the cowardly, the sissified and the ignorant, the profession of such is that the "warrior" is an independent liberated free thinker. He or she is one who intends to rise above the condescension of abject negativity rampant in modern society. A "soldier", from the roots of its derivation is a person committed to tireless self-development and transformation.
To think deeply about the prospects of exceptional maturation and the perpetual dignity of "common sense" applications, is to ponder the reality of corrective action toward meaningful liberation in self-development. It is the righteousness of responsibility to become a better version than the original self, and accept accountability for all that one does. Not only that, but also evolving the thinking of an adventurous skeptic so that productive insight flows from inquisitive analysis.
Courageous vigilance is embodied in one who ruthlessly applies the reality of truth based on facts in evidence, and not the conjecture of infantile emotionalism, does no harm to others if possible, and risks nonconformity. By opposition, the cowardice of postmodern "group think" is the herded complacency of devolving dystopia which relishes in an "entitled victimization". Self-serving, fearful retrenchment and excessive anxiety characterizes a population where most have never risked much of anything.
For many, there is a lack of personal comprehension, individual experience, and special appreciation for the physical and mental investment of personal involvement. By this, the reference is to real world understanding based on mental and physical risks. As such, by way of individual exposure to life's up and downs, pains and sufferings, wins and losses, greater capacity for learning and wisdom accrue to the veteran of life. Exceptional examples include military service, law enforcement, corrections, the fire and emergency rescue services, as well as related public service fields. Less than 10% of the U.S. population has any experience in serving others in a public service aspect. Likewise, less than 2% are currently active in the protection of the other 98%. Yet, most who lack the essential inner knowledge, for serious courage of convictions of such sacrificial living, pontificate, polarize and profess the superficiality of their pretentiousness. From academia to social networking, the foolishness is rampant.
While some speak of a "sissy nation", a few more agree and point to a culture of soft, weak and uninformed complainers who offer little in the form of human species advancement. Obese and bloated by immediate gratification and selfish notoriety, American society faces eventual collapse. Creativity and innovation dwindles to simplistic juvenile babblings of regurgitated remakes in news reporting, television and movies. Mass-marketing schemes for the sale of everything invade every aspect of living, from cell phones to the internet and any place a con artist can find. The illusions are many and unfold in the myth, magic and metaphors of magical thinking.
For the satiation of immediate gratification, the diligence to rigorously self-evolve degrades to the shallow dimensions of simplistic unimaginative rationalization. At the expense of others, the negativity grows wider and more divisive cloaked behind the childish gibbering of fraud and fakery. Subjective validation begs the pretentious self-righteous pleadings for recognition of chattering stupidity. With decades of talking heads, Hollywood celebrities and artificially inflated jock straps bragging two-dimensional opinions, it is little wonder a doomed society welcomes an apocalypse. As one writer has termed the regressive tendencies, the "girlie man" transition not healthy.
In one publication from another country in the Asian realm, the U.S. is called a "nation of wussies". Described as a culture where most dare not risk putting their own "skin the game" where they might get hurt. Alternatively, some might even get their feelings hurt, even though they may have said something that invites verbal retaliation. In the acronym for being stupid, as in S.T.U.P.I.D., according to Gonzo Theory, the key elements begin with the word "selfish". Next, this invites the timid and cowardly behaviors associated with being "temperamental", or essentially erratic, moody, and overly sensitive. After that, comes "unevolved" and "pitiful", which suggests not changing much since middle school or high school.
Then comes the motivational aspects for acting "stupid", again this conjures the idea of cowardice. The word "intentional" arrives quickly on the heels of "pitiful", as behavior is purposeful with malice aforethought and premeditation. Once the intent is formulated the "deception" falls into place. From selfishness, to self-righteous justifications for deceit, the human species exploits its own kind. All of which collude to provoke the many excuses for irresponsibility to escape accountability and justify cowardly acts.
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